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clickPAN-SDM is tiny, light, and the heart of an scriptable camera shoot & pan system.

To operate correctly the flashing AF-assist lamp on the camera must be set to the correct value for reliable operation. This is set in SDM Menu -> Advanced Menu -> Serial Comms -> 
Unit pulse width should be set to 10 and
Tune msec value, defaults to 22.

Testing has shown that the number varies with camera type as follows:

Camera Type Tune msec value
A590 23
A620 23
A460 23
A570 21
A650 23
G11 42
S90 45
S95 40

All cameras with 21 or 23 as the value will work perfectly well with the default 22 value.

Camera Calibration Routine

The capability to measure your cameras exact Tune_msec_value is built into every clickPAN-SDM unit. You will need:

  1. 4 to 6volt battery
  2. ClickPAN-SDM
  3. one standard servo 
  4. This script, cPS-Cal.bas

In the following procedure the various plugs and sockets on clickPAN-SDM are called:
S0. The plug normally used to power the unit, with an unused white wire - that we now use!
S1 & S2. These are the two servo outputs that form the 2x3pin block on the unit

Follow the following procedure. 

  1. Load the script on the camera, and set up clickPAN-SDM as for normal operation with the battery connected and the sensor located over the camera AF-assist lamp
  2. Connect  the unused white wire on the 3pin S0 (or battery) connector to the battery negative (black) wire. This makes clickPAN-SDM enter the special calibration mode. This puts the click-PAN-SDM into a special calibration mode - leave connected throughout the whole test
  3. Connect the servo motor to the S1 output and note the position of the output - this is the "optimum" position for the servo motor. Once you remember the servo position you do not need to use the S1 output again, however if you need to be reminded of the position you can always check the servo on S1 - the signal is always present.
  4. Move the servo motor to the S2 output.
  5. Use the script and the camera UP/DOWN keys to vary Tune_msec_value on the camera. With each key-press the servo should move - try to get it to the same position as when the servo motor was on S1 back in step 3. 
    NOTE: Servo movements will be jerky and what is important is where the servo finally ends up after each key press.

The camera is now set-up. You should note the number that has been used but the camera will remember this number anyway. NOTE: Running the script again will set the value again, always stop the script at the correct value or set it manually in SDM Menu -> Advanced Menu -> Serial Comms -> Tune msec value.

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