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gentLED devices are small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC control system.

gentLED is a range of devices for triggering the shutter and/or zoom of cameras and camcorders with suitable infra-red (IR) receivers. The camera is triggered by a signal similar to a TV remote control signal.

Nikon ML-L3 RemoteManufacturers provide remotes for operators to press, we provide devices to trigger the camera in other ways, suitable for remote control and creative photography. These products greatly simplify the interface, and reduce the weight, of the link between your remote control and the camera.

These products can be triggered from a RC system or any electrical signal:

gentLED-AUTO, timer/intervalometer for IR triggerable cameras and camcorders.

We also offer products to repeatedly trigger the shutter either based on a fixed time (an intervalometer), or based on a switch or relay IR triggering of the shutter.

  • gentLED-AUTO is an intervalometer for time-lapse photography or any application where pictures need captured regularly
  • gentLED-TRIGGER can be connected to any switch (relay, mouth switch etc) and triggers the camera.

If you want to combine triggering the camera with the ability to move a servo motor you should look at our clickPAN range of pan and shoot lightweight controllers.

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