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Gentles devices are small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC control system.

These are our 2 controllers (PWM only and the richer featured SBUS/PWM version) offering a wide range of connectors compatible with many camera makes and models.


SERIES Shutter controller: PWM to wired interface
RC control full & half shutter with 1 PWM channel
for cameras with a cable release connector.

  There are 4 operating modes, selected with a jumper, to allow control with
  a variety of switch arrangements at the RC transmitter.
  The unit can also be used
  as an intervalometer.

12 different camera plug types are supported ensuring a wide range of camera models and makes can be controlled.
21x Manual and further information.


SERIES Shutter controller: SBUS/PWM to wired interface
RC control full & half shutter, and remote timelapse
using up to 3 SBUS, SBUS2, or PWM channels for full control from the remote transmitter:

gentWIRE devices are small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC control system.
  • All modes selectable by link can be programmed via SBUS
  • Operates with supply voltages from 3 to 12 volts
  • Timelapse mode can additionally be enabled mid flight
  • Back-up PWM mode for added flexibility

71x Manual and further information

Shutter control via RC for wired interface:

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one extra flexible 30cm
plug to plug servo lead
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Please note that these products are designed to be used with a 
Radio Control system (such as those used with remote controlled planes),
For time-lapse or intervalometer use please consider
or genTIMER.

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