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Alpine Laboratories - Radian: can use gentLED-TRIGGER

The addition of movement to time-lapse adds another dimension going beyond what products like gentLED-AUTO can achieve on its own. We showcase here two companies producing products
that control your timelapse camera and movement together -

however gentLED products can still make a difference.

Alpine Technologies manufacture Radian, a controller that pans / rotates the camera around a compact unit can can be tripod mounted.

Dynamic Perception products can use gentLED-TRIGGER

Dynamic Perception manufacture tracks / dollys and controllers that linearly move the camera and take the picture.

Both these solutions provide a wired camera control, however this limits the camera selection to one with a shutter release socket.
With the addition of gentLED-TRIGGER these products can also
be used with Cameras with IR shutter release (like Sony's NEX series) or with Camcorders (most can take a PHOTO with an IR trigger). All you need is a stereo 3/32" TRS / 2.5mm jack lead to connect the camera shutter release on the product to the gentLED-TRIGGER.

With equipment tied up for long periods for time-lapse, and concerns over mechanical wear on SLR cameras, maybe you dont need to tie-up and wear out a dSLR or SLR camera?

gentLED-TRIGGER extends the use of systems from Alpine Technologies and Dynamic Perception to bridge cameras and camcorders that can also produce high quality stills of high quality for HD video output.

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