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clickPAN-IR is tiny, light, and forms the heart of automatic camera shoot & pan system.

clickPAN-IR triggers the shutter of cameras with IR capability and operates a servo motor together. Originally designed for autoKAP where a camera is allowed to rotate and take pictures whilst flying below a kite, it can be used with kites, balloons, and any application where a camera is "hung" in a location where the operator cannot access the controls. 

The unit can be used with a 5 second and 10 second delay between shutter / servo sequences. The servo moves about 30 degrees each time, although this can be adjusted if your servo has had a "trimmer" added as part of the 360degree modification.

In the image shown the IR trigger to the camera is emitted from the left. On the right are 2x 3pin connections, one for the battery (3 to 5.5volts) and one for the pan servo. Weighs only 1.2grams

clickPAN provides the electronic heart of these systems, you need to add the mechanical "rig" to hold the servo and camera. If you would rather buy a kit of parts look at www.brooxes.com or www.kapshop.com .

More Information: Operating Manual, Servo Modification.

IR camera shutter and servo control:

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If your camera is not listed you should consider clickPAN-USB or clickPAN-SERVO.

Have more control over the time taken between pictures with clickPAN-ADJUST.

clickPAN-ADJUST allows you to continuously vary the time between shots from 3 to 30seconds (The standard clickPAN-IR can be set to 5 or 10 seconds). Simply plugs in series with the battery connected to clickPAN-IR, adjustment is via a 22turn control.

More information: Operating Manual.

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