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        clickPAN-PRO - heart of a shoot, tilt & pan system

clickPAN-PRO is a configurable controller for kite/balloon photography.

4x 3pin connectors allow connection of a 5volt power supply, a shutter trigger (which can be a micro servo, IR trigger or CHDK/SDM release), and two servos for pan and tilt.

The unit can be configured with one rotary control for time between shots, and 8 switches to select pan angle, tilt sequence, and shutter trigger mode.

These switches allow a wide range of possibilities with delays from 1.3 to 12 seconds. Pan tilt rotation can be adjusted from a few degrees to a complete rotation allowing direct drive and geared solutions.
8 sequences of TILT are provided with 1, 2 and 3 angles.

clickPAN-PRO provides the electronic heart of these systems, you need to add the mechanical "rig" to hold the servo and camera. If you would rather buy a kit of parts look at www.brooxes.com or www.kapshop.com .

More Information: Operating Manual, Servo Modification.

configurable shutter, pan and tilt control:

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clickPAN-PRO 35.95 341 buy
clickPAN-plugIR 9.95 348 buy
clickPAN-plugCHDK 9.95 349 buy
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