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antiCREEP is tiny, but stops 360° modified servos creeping!

antiCREEP Is a short lead that plugs in series between the RC receiver and a modified 360 servo. It changes the RC servo pulses from the receiver to optimise them for servos modified for 360 operation. Weighs only 1.7g (1/16oz)!

For it to work the servo must be modified in a specific way, read the 360 Modification page to understand what servos antiCREEP will work with. This addition will not make a standard servo into a 360 servo, it will improve the operation of servos already modified for 360 operation. 

More information: Operating Manual,

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NOTE: When the rotational speed is reduced individual pulses or steps in the motor become more noticeable, rotation appears to "judder". Our tests conclude that whilst this looks disconcerting, for systems that are suspended by line (kite and balloon mainly) any effect they have is dampened out by the suspension system. However for systems fixed directly (e.g. poles and UAVs) this judder means this is not the best solution.



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