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Gimbal balance is critically important to achieving steady shots and smooth video, no matter what your deployment vehicle. The servo leads controlling your camera will pass into the gimbal and create forces fighting against perfect balance, so reducing this with extra flexible cables is important.

These servo leads are made from extra fine cables to reduce the forces and improve balance. The cables are 30cm long, plug to plug, and come in sets of 3:

product cost ref
one extra flexible 30cm
plug to plug servo lead
servoLEAD SM301 2.00 buy
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To get the most out of this product:

  • Dress the cables so they cross into the gimbal as close to the fulcrum as possible,
  • If not used or duplicated remove the individual wires from the cable. e.g. If power is not required from the RC system remove the red wire, or where power is duplicated (seperate ground for every servo lead) only use one,
  • Adding a small loop of cable at the point where the gimbal is entered reduces the force the wire exerts on the gimbal,
  • Seperating the three wires in the servo cable with a scalpel further increases flexibility.




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