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Our solution to trigger digital stills cameras with IR capability, comes in four models. Three PWM models using 1 channel, and the premium SBUS/PWM model using up to two channels of the Radio Control (RC) system.

739, 740

Dual Function Controller: SBUS/PWM to infrared
RC control of SHUTTER and MOVIE.
Our flagship product for infrared enabled cameras has features:

  • Controlled from one or two SBUS1/2 channels, configurable from any of 16 RC channels
  • Automatically switches into two channel PWM mode if no SBUS is available at power-on.
  • Can be configured to work with one channel for both functions or have seperate functions on two channels, giving maximum flexibility and cameraman choice.
  • Optional timelapse/repeat trigger from 1 to 5 seconds can be achieved by holding the shutter in the ON position. Controlable in-flight
  • SBUS channel programming is achieved stand-alone - even in the field.
    All you need is a SBUS RC system.
  • In SBUS mode an auxiliary output is available. This can be used to detect when the camera acknowledges the MOVIE signal, or as an audio output giving feedback to the operator of unit and camera status.
One 15cm (6") servo lead is supplied, plus the 10cm (4") IR LED cable. The unit weighs 12-14 grams (~0.5oz). You can purchase seperately extra flexible servoLEADs ideal for gimbal use.

For more information, see the 739/740 Manual and further information.

039, 040
Dual Function Controller: PWM to infrared. Same operation as 739/740 without SBUS operation, AUX output, or LED indicator.
For more information, see PWM only IR Product Manual/Support.

IR solutions are small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC control system.


Shutter Controller: PWM to infrared
Our shutter only solution has the broadest camera coverage, and operates from a standard PWM signal or by any switch contact via a seperate "blue wire". Movement of the RC Transmitter stick triggers the camera. By hollding the stick in the on position continuous operation: allows multiple pictures to be taken, from 1 to 5 seconds, until the stick is returned.

Gentles controllers are small, lightweight and easy to use with a RC system.

For more information, see PWM only IR Product Manual/Support.


ZOOM Controller:
PWM to infrared

Allows zoom control via another channel on the RC receiver. This channel is center biased, pushing the stick in either direction zooms in & out. These devices are only compatable with legacy cameras.

For more information, see PWM only IR Product Manual/Support.

Notes: To control shutter and zoom you will need to purchase two devices.
The Pentax zoom doesn't give full zoom, it moves between three pre-set focal lengths.
All come with a 25cm (10") 3-pin servo lead, & weighs 4grams.

IR camera control:

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Please note that these camera control products are designed to be used with a Radio Control system (such as those used with remote controlled planes),
or triggered by a separate electrical signal / system.
For time-lapse or intervalometer use please consider
or genTIMER.

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