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lancTASC: LANC control for Sony Cameras with MULTI ports in studio & location

lancMULTI is a cable interface to allow Sony cameras and camcorders with no LANC, but a MULTI interface to be automatically started and stopped via a LANC controller. This could be another camera with a LANC interface or a dedicated LANC controller like lancDIRECTOR.

Plug the straight 2.5mm jack (with yellow marker) into the LANC, and the right-angled connector into the Camera MULTI port.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The unit doesn't add a LANC port to the camera, it makes the camera understand exsting LANC signals. This means you cant plug a normal LANC remote into lancMULTI, however you can connect any number of lancMULTIs to the same LANC and all cameras will start/stop together, something not possible with the standard LANC implementation.

Consult the Operating Manual and Application Notes for full details.

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