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lancTASC: LANC control for TASCAM audio recorders in studio & location

lancTASC is a cable interface to allow TASCAM audio recorders to be automatically started and stopped via a camera with a LANC interface or a LANC controller like lancDIRECTOR.

Plug the straight 2.5mm jack (with yellow marker) into the LANC, and the right-angled connector into the TASCAM remote port. Two lights on the unit indicate activity and record/standby status).

The unit works with any TASCAM recorder that is compatable with
the Teac/TASCAM RC10 Remote control, including:
DR40D, DR60D, DR60DMkII, DR70D, DR701D, DR100, DR100MkII.

Any recorder compatable with the RC10 Remote Control will operate although we recommend you check the recorder manual for correct set-up. lancTASC will not operate if the recorder is set to use the RC-3F foot-switch.

Consult the Operating Manual and Application Notes for full details.

product cost ref
lancTASC: TASCAM Audio Controller:
                  DR40D, DR60D, DR60DMkII, DR100, DR100MkII
49.95 467 buy
lancTASC: TASCAM Audio Controller:
                  DR70D, DR701D.
49.95 468 buy
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NOTE: Tascam DR 701D unusually has an HDMI loop through which allows it to lock itself to the camera clock and thus totally eliminate any relative drift between audio recorder and camera. It also will trigger from camera record flags sent over HDMI where present but not all cameras implement this, hence the need for LANC control to start and stop the audio recorder. .



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