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Sep 2018: More SBUS products available

Canon and Sony cameras with IR sensors for shutter and movie activation can now be triggered with SBUS systems as well as the standard PWM RC systems.

These are in addition to our existing SBUS camera controllers for Sony MULTI, LANC, and 12 different electrical PLUGS for shutter release. Our SBUS products can use PWM, SBUS1 or SBUS2 for easier integration into your remote camera rig.

March 2018: Social Media Use

After a review of Social Media providers, at a board meeting of Gentles Limited this month, we have decided to withdraw from Facebook by July 2018. A full copy of the last post on facebook which detailed the reason for leaving is summerised here:

  1. Excluding the most recent annual submission to UK Companies House, records show that Gentles Ltd paid more Corp'n Tax than Facebook. Whilst legal we don't think this is moral.
  2. Recent alleged behaviour regarding Cambridge Analytica happened in the UK, but the CEO of Facebook wont appear in person to the investigating UK Government committee.
  3. There is a history of apologies from Facebook over the years. Whilst we appreciate this is a new technology, with "growing pains", there are only so many "sorrys" you can accept.
  4. Issues with data privacy are alleged to be known about for 5 years, so why is the problem still there, why did it take The Guardian investigation to give it a voice?
  5. At the recent Congressional hearing the Facebook CEO calmly admitted to harvesting medical data. My understanding of this is that under European Law I have a right to absolute privacy regarding amongst other things my medical records and sexual orientation. Actively collecting sensitive data, and repeated privacy violations are happening at the same time, I find this deeply troubling.
  6. A new front appears to be opening regarding the speed of removal of fake adverts on Facebook, who profits from these adverts, and whether Facebook is the publisher.
    Given the huge number of issues above, whats the plan for this, and is it credable?
We will continue to use twitter and linkedin, but are relying ever more heavily on email and relationships. We would ask you, when considering which Social Media Companies to join and use, to take into account the companies contribution, or lack of it, in the widest possible sense.

Sep 2017: Support for SBUS

ALL OF A SUDDEN, our remote camera controllers for Sony MULTI, LANC, and 12 different electrical PLUGS for shutter release can use PWM, SBUS1 or SBUS2 for easier integration into your remote camera rig.

SBUS: MORE channels for better control,
            LESS cables to cross the gimbal.

Jul 2017: Improved MULTI Connectors...

Good news. More options available on Sony MULTI interface
connectors to suit YOUR gimbal.
RIGHT and LEFT facing plugs now available.

More Details...

Sep 2016: Improved RC Remote control for RED Cameras

Good news is more RED cameras are supported all the time,
but they dont have a common interface.
Our new ROLL/standby product operates with all RED cameras
by simply moving a link to change its personality.

One product for all RED cameras.
More Details...

Jul 2016: Support for ARRI Alexa ROLL/STANDBY

ROLL the ARRI when ready to shoot, NOT before the props start. Make post-production happy, make the flight footage count. gentWIRE-ARRI

Uses one RC PWM channel to start and stop recording.


Mar 2016: lancSTUDIO camera control products

Introducing our range of LANC products designed to increase the capablity of LANC systems:

  • Control products like ATOMOS or TASCAM recorders even when the camera doesn't use LANC
  • Allow choice of recording combinations (on and off camera) without re-cabling between shots)
  • Allow 2 LANC cameras to work together on a BRIDGED LANC
read more about
and the possible applications.

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