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clickPAN for shutter and rotation control.

These products are designed to allow you to to design a rig that fires the shutter and rotates continuously every few seconds - designed for autoKAP (Kite Aerial Photography) they can be used in any application where a remote camera can be "hung" to get an unusual angle.

See an example rig on the right. Our product, which is controlling the rig & weighs only a couiple of grams, is located at the top and has a yellow band.  

With a large memory card 1000s of images are taken and the best are selected after the shoot. This technique can provide remarkable results with a very lightweight set-up.

This technique may be counter intuitive (if you are used to seeing
what you shoot) but it is being successfully used with kites, balloons, poles, etc. 

Our clickPAN products provides the electronic heart of these systems, you need to add the mechanical "rig" to hold the servo and camera. If you would rather buy a kit of parts look at www.brooxes.com or www.kapshop.com .

shutter & rotation control:

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For total control of your autoKAP rig you should also consider clickPAN-PRO.

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