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Signals from your own switches can be used to trigger the camera with IR.

You can use our products to trigger the shutter of a digital camera with a switch, relay or electrical signal (e.g. a logic output) that you provide.

For a solution with a built in battery consider gentLED-TRIGGER (shown top in the image on the right). Contains a built in battery and a 2.5mm jack input. Connect your own switch or relay to a cable with a 2.5mm jack to get working - the yellow and black wires in the picture right.

For solutions where you may already have access to a power supply (3 to 5.5volts) consider gentLED-SHUTTER (shown bottom on the image above). Can be wired as follows:

  • black -ve
  • red    +ve
  • blue   logic input
  • white not connected

gentWIRE-USB will also control Nikon and Ricoh cameras with the wiring shown above.

electrical control:

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Note that if you click gentWIRE-USB above you will be taken to a page with Nikon, Ricoh & Canon  cameras, only Nikon and Ricoh from this page can be controlled with an electrical signal or switch.

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