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A new area of photography is the use of dedicated mounts to automate the collection of digital images to create extremely high resolution images that can be zoomed similar to applications like google-earth. Our products can be used to increase the number of cameras these mounts support or remove the need for unreliable mechanical-servo shutter releases.

has an output to drive a standard servo motor. By using our products you can remove the need for the servo motor and control the camera directly. You can also load a larger camera in the mount (that wouldn't normally fit with the servo assembly). 

Our RC control of a digital camera page contains a table of all cameras that our products support that could be used to replace the servo motor.

comes with a 2.5mm jack output which drives cameras with a similar 2.5mm jack socket as remote trigger release. This limits the number of cameras that can be used with this mount.

Our gentLED-TRIGGER product extends the cameras that can be controlled to those with a IR input (see the full list on the gentLED-TRIGGER page). 

The gentLED-TRIGGER comes with a built-in battery and a 2.5mm jack. The lead that comes with the Merlin/Orion plugs straight into gentLED-TRIGGER for a solution with no other parts required.

has a relay contact available on the rotating part of the head which can be used with gentLED-TRIGGER.

A simple custom lead needs to be made to fit the gentLED-TRIGGER 2.5mm jack, and that increases the number of cameras that can be controlled by adding those with IR as well as the cable-release models already supported. 

Roundshot also has a trigger output and 5volt power supply available on the non-rotating part of the head. This would open up the control options further however the danger of cable tangling as the head rotates makes this a less attractive option. If you are interested in using this option please contact us.

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